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ACLS & PALS 1 day renewal course

Express Training Solutions now offers a combined course for ACLS and PALS. This is a one day renewal only course.
The ACLS & PALS 1 day renewal course is designed for those that have a current ACLS and PALS certification. If your certifications are expired for ACLS or PALS or both, you cannot take this course. If your BLS certification is not expired, you can also take the BLS Add-On and have all three-certification done at once. The BLS Add-On option can take up to one additional hour for the course and will add an additional $45.00 to the overall cost bringing the total cost of the course to $345.00

  • To register for a Full ACLS Course please click here
  • To register for a Full PALS Course please click here
  • To register for a Full BLS Course please click here

ACLS & PALS 1 Day Renewal Course Content

  • ACLS Update Course – $150
  • PALS Update Course – $150 ($300 Total for ACLS & PALS)
  • BLS Add-On (Optional) – $45 ($345 Total with BLS Add-On)
  • Course Book(s) – $50 each (Student May Bring your Own or use eBook)
    eBook Now Available at
  • Renewal Course is designed for students with unexpired cards.
  • Class Length: 1 day; up to 10 hours.
  • American Heart Association Certification eCard received at end of class.
  • CEUs available for: RN, Respiratory Therapy, LVN, Pharmacy, EMT, Paramedic, & Dental.
  • ACLS Mandatory Pre-Course Requirements: Pre-Course Self-Assessment exam with a score of 70% or greater (access to Pre-Course exam given after registration)
  • PALS Mandatory Pre-Course Requirements: Pre-Course Self Assessment exam with a score of 70% or greater (access to Pre-Course exam given after registration)

It is an AHA requirement that you have the latest edition of the book before, during and after the course.

Audience: Healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, respiratory therapist, and other professionals who may respond to a cardiovascular emergency.

Additional Information
Students must be able to identify basic ECG rhythms prior to attending the ACLS/PALS 1 Day Renewal Course. Express Training Solutions offers the Basic ECG Course for students who wish to develop or strengthen their interpretation skills prior to attending ACLS.
There is also a self-directed option called Learn: Rhythm Adult available at OnlineAHA.Org.

Mandatory Pre-Course Requirements: PLEASE READ

The AHA requires all students taking the ACLS & PALS 1 Day renewal course to pass the Pre-Course Self-Assessment exam with a score of 70% or greater.
After registration students will receive a confirmation email with instruction on how to do the Pre – Course Self-Assessment.
You can take the exam over until a passing grade is achieved.
You MUST print or take a picture of the passing grade with your name it to hand to your Instructor before entering the class. If you do not have a printer, please take a picture, and email the picture to

If students do not access to a computer, they may come in at any time in our Mission Valley location and use our student computer. If using the student computer, the day of your scheduled course, please arrive 30 minutes before your class start time to ensure time to complete the exam. PLEASE NOTE: Only one student computer is available. The Student Computer is first come first served.

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