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Tustin PHTLS Courses

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a 4-year NAEMT Certification.

Tustin PHTLS Course Options

There are three PHTLS course options available at our Tustin location:

Option 1: PHTLS Provider Initial Course

  • Length: 2 days; up to 16 hours
  • Full Course is designed for first time students or students with expired cards.

Option 2: PHTLS Refresher Course

  • Length: 1 day; 8 hours total
  • Update / Renewal Course is for Students with current or non-expired cards.

Option 3: PHTLS Online Fast-Track

  • Length: Online 8 hours; Skills Session 8 hours
  • Price includes Online Access Code & Skills Testing Appointment.
  • Required Materials: PHTLS textbook and PHTLS Online Modules certificate of completion

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Tustin PHTLS Course Content

  • Physiology of life and death
  • Scene assessment
  • Patient assessment
  • Airway
  • Breathing, ventilation and oxygenation
  • Circulation, hemorrhage and shock
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Patients with disabilities
  • Patient simulations

About Our Tustin PHTLS Classes

This Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support course in Tustin is designed to be an intensive 16- hour course for emergency medical responders, EMTs, Paramedics, nurses, physician assistants, and physicians. The goal of this class is to promote excellence in trauma patient management by all providers involved in the delivery of prehospital care.

PHTLS was developed by NAEMT in cooperation with the American College of Surgeons’ Committee on Trauma. The program is based on a prehospital trauma care philosophy, stressing the treatment of the multisystem trauma patient as a unique entity with specific needs. PHTLS promotes critical thinking as the foundation for providing quality care.

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PHTLS Provider Initial Course

PHTLS Refresher Course

PHTLS Online Fast-Track

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