El Centro ECG Courses

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Completion Certificate.

Course Content Overview

  • Provides detailed content on cardiac anatomy and physiology, ECG equipment, lead placement, ECG waveforms and intervals, dysrhythmia analysis and interpretation, and troubleshooting pacemakers.
  • Uses interactive content, engaging exercises and illustrations to impart knowledge and teach students not only the “how” but also the “why.” Includes extensive rhythm strip identification practice to build competency.
  • Features real-life case studies to deepen learner understanding and sharpen clinical skills.
  • Breaks down dysrhythmia interpretation by key focus area and concludes with an assessment that demonstrates subject matter proficiency.

Benefits of Our El Centro ECG Course

Basic ECG training provides many benefits, including:

  • Superior Hands-On Training: our ECG course curriculum blends hands-on and classroom lessons to build skills in an engaging learning environment.
  • Excellent Preparation for ACLS: With ECG training, students will focus on learning how to read rhythms and specific medications that are used in ACLS. This will put them ahead of their peers during ACLS because they have learned and prepared these critical skills.
  • Expert Instruction: Our ECG courses are taught by experienced instructors who work in the field and can respond to students’ questions at any time.

About Our El Centro Basic ECG Course

Our Basic ECG Course is designed to equip nurses and other healthcare professionals with the skills necessary to quickly identify potential cardiac threats and respond appropriately, which promotes optimal patient outcomes.

It’s an excellent training addition for those planning to take advanced classes (ACLS & PALS) or who complete a pre-course self-assessment and find they need to improve their knowledge.

The course is ideal for critical care nurses, cardiac technicians and other healthcare professionals working with monitored patients. Each Basic ECG Course lasts up to 4.5 hours.

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