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Virtual Training


Upon successful completion of the TNCC course, students will receive a 4-year Certification from the Emergency Nurses Association (RNs only).

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TNCC Virtual Renewal Course

  • TNCC VIRTUAL Renewal (Trauma Nursing Core Course) – $300
  • REQUIRED: Current Course Book – $85 (Purchase Book During Registration or Bring your Own)
  • An Active TNCC Provider card is required to attend renewal option
  • Class Length: 1 day (up to 7 hours)
  • Emergency Nurses Association 4 Year Certification received at end of class An active RN license is required to become a certified TNCC provider
  • CEUs (7) available for RNs
  • Mandatory Pre-Course Requirements: Online Modules (access to Pre-Course Online Modules given after registration)
  • Link access to Virtual classroom will be provided upon completion of pre-course modules

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TNCC Virtual Challenge

  • TNCC Virtual Challenge (Trauma Nursing Core Course) – $250
  • Course Book – $85 (Purchase Book During Registration or Bring your Own)
  • The Challenge Course is designed for providers with an unexpired TNCC certification
  • Class Length: Up to 2 hours
  • Emergency Nurses Association, 4 Year Certification received at the end of successful challenge
    An active RN license is required to become a certified TNCC provider
  • This a pass/fail test-out. Candidates must be prepared to test upon arrival. No remediation will be given.

More About Our Virtual TNCC Courses

TNCC Course Content Overview

A Systematic Approach of Initial Assessment

  • The A-I mnemonic and the Trauma Nursing Assessment will assist nurses in providing appropriate and early interventions.

Hands-on Training Through an Individual and Team Approach

  • Focusing on rapid identification of life-threatening injuries, comprehensive patient assessment, and enhanced intervention for better patient outcomes.
  • Three Psychomotor skill stations will cover: Trauma Nursing Process, Airway and Ventilation, and Trauma Interventions.

Comprehensive Manual

  • The TNCC Eighth Edition Manual was developed to reinforce and supplement the lectures and skills stations.

Online Modules with Live Links to Additional Information

  • These interactive case study modules take students through an entire sequence of care, allowing them to apply what they learn and receive immediate feedback.
ENA TNCC Virtual course offerings

ENA – VIRTUAL Course Offerings

  • The ENA has designed the updated 9th edition of the TNCC course using a variety of learning methodologies. Wether you are taking the course in-person or using the virtual option you will receive the same ENA approved 4-year certification.
Equipment Requirements for Virtual TNCC

Equipment Needed:

  • Laptop / Desktop / Tablet
  • Speakers and microphone
  • Webcam
  • Internet connection

Virtual courses may not be taken using a cell phone device.

Students attending a virtual course must have a webcam and be visible on camera for the duration of the course.

Camera requirements and testing equipment

Virtual ENA courses are held using Zoom

Camera and active participation

  • To receieve course credit and certification as a student you will be requiered to activly participate in the course. Meaning you must be visible on camera from the shoulders up for the duration of the course.
  • Students are allowed small breaks to step away from there camera when needed.
  • Time away from the course and not visible on camera should not exceed 5 minutes or total more then 30 minutes of the course. At the instructor’s decretion you can be asked to reschedule to a future course date.

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