Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) Review Course2019-09-18T18:00:23+00:00

Certified Emergency Nurse Review Course Objectives

  • Correlate the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, gastrointestinal, and renal systems to the care of the critically ill emergency department patient.
  • Devise a plan of care for patients experiencing physical and or psychological emergencies.
  • Summarize the rationale behind nursing interventions for patients presenting with a variety of physical and psychological emergencies.
  • Discuss the current accepted standards for the transfer and transport of emergency patients.
  • Describe basic principles in disaster management and select appropriate triage categories for patients in clinical scenarios.
  • Describe priorities and management strategies for selected environmental and toxicological emergencies.
  • Differentiate cardiogenic, hypovolemic, and distributive shock with regards to assessment and management.
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