The Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) is designed to empower Registered Nurses with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and hands-on training needed to improve the care of all trauma patients. The seventh edition course combines interactive learning with scenario-based assessments to give nurses a comprehensive learning experience.  The 2-day (16 hour) intensive course with expert instructors includes:

A Systematic Approach of Initial Assessment

The A-I mnemonic and the Trauma Nursing Assessment will assist nurses in providing appropriate and early interventions.

Hands-on Training through an Individual and Team Approach

Focusing on rapid identification of life-threatening injuries, comprehensive patient assessment, and enhanced intervention for better patient outcomes. Three Psychomotor skill stations will cover: Trauma Nursing Process, Airway and Ventilation, and Trauma Interventions.

24-Chapter Comprehensive Manual

The TNCC seventh edition manual was developed by trauma experts to reinforce and supplement the lectures and skills stations. It is a compilation of current trauma nursing standards and is a valuable resource for future reference.

5 Online Modules with live Links to Additional Information

These interactive case study modules take students though an entire sequence of care, allowing them to apply what they learn and receive immediate feedback (Approximately 5 Hours).

Course Details

  • $325 for Full Course + $75 Course Manual
  • 17.65 contact hours (CEUs) awarded upon course completion
  • $225 for 1-Day Renewal Course + $75 Course Manual
  • $195 for Challenge Renewal Course + $75 Course Manual
  • ENA TNCC 4 year provider verification card

Candidate Requirements

  • Active RN License
  • 80% or greater on the multiple course exam
  • 70% or greater on the skill station evaluation



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