The American Heart Association is always seeking professionals to conduct training in first aid, CPR AED, and advanced cardiovascular care. If you are passionate about saving lives, motivated to facilitate learning, feel comfortable in group settings, and find it easy to make complex concepts understandable to others, you may be a perfect candidate. Successful Instructors can be healthcare professionals, first responders, or community members. Many of our 400,000 plus Instructors enjoy careers in nursing, EMS, education, health and fitness, and corporate safety.



  1. Have a current AHA provider card in the discipline that you want to become an Instructor. Disciplines: Heartsaver CPR, BLS, PALS, ACLS.
  2. Complete the appropriate Instructor Course
  3. Successfully be monitored teaching within three months of completing the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course.
  4. Note: BLS Instructor Status is a prerequisite to be an ACLS or PALS Instructor


  • Teaching is a great way to stay current, as well as increase your knowledge and skills
  • Boost your resume with American Heart Association Instructor credentials
  • Teach for your employer, co-workers, organization or community
  • Start your own business


  • Course Fees: BLS,  ACLS, or PALS Instructor Course Fee $150 
  • Instructor Manual: BLS Instructor Manual $45, ACLS/PALS Manual $50
  • Instructor Essentials: a discipline specific on-line course prerequisite $35

Additional info

  • BLS Instructor: Once you complete the BLS Instructor Course and have been successfully monitored teaching, you may begin teaching independently
  • ACLS or PALS Instructor: Same as BLS Instructor (above). However, Course Director status is required to teach ACLS/PALS Independently, this requires being monitored several times

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BLS Instructor Class Times & Registration

ACLS Instructor Class Times & Registration

PALS Instructor Class Times & Registration