This course is developed for the Registered Nurse with less than 6 months experience in a Labor and Delivery or Antepartum setting. No experience in Fetal Monitoring assessment is necessary. Through lecture and practical strip review, the course will: define methods of uterine and fetal monitoring, discuss physiologic mechanisms of the fetal heart rate, assessment of the FHR strip as well as nursing interventions for non-reassuring patterns, and identify various antenatal testing methods. 

  • Course Cost: $175
  • Length: 8 Hours
  • Course Material: Included in Course Fee
  • Continuing Education: 8 Hours for RN

Basic Fetal Monitoring Objectives

  • At the conclusion of the course the student will be able to:
  • Identify the purpose of fetal monitoring
  • Describe methods of uterine activity and fetal heart rate monitoring
  • Define and discuss etiologies related to baseline fetal heart rate and baseline characteristics, including variability, tachycardia, and bradycardia
  • Identify and discuss physiologic etiologies related to variations in baseline, including early, variable, late, and prolonged fetal heart decelerations as well as accelerations in the FHR.
  • Discuss Categories of fetal heart rate patterns
  • Identify nursing interventions for Category 2 and 3 fetal heart rate patterns
  • Discuss antenatal fetal surveillance testing   

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