A comprehensive evidence-based, interprofessional, and multidisciplinary training program, ALSO equips the entire maternity care team with skills to effectively manage obstetric emergencies. This comprehensive course encourages a standardized team-based approach amongst the maternity care team to improve patient safety and positively impact maternal outcomes.

Registrants will be provided an email with a link to the online Portion of the ALSO Provider Course. Content consists of a pre-test; recorded lectures; online case studies; recorded workstation demonstrations; post-test and course evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation and claiming of credit, the letter of participation will be accessible electronically. This letter must be provided to the course sponsor as proof of successful completion prior to participation in the Live Portion of the course.

This course is directed primarily toward maternity care providers including physicians, nurses, and certified nurse midwives.


  • Course Cost: $395
  • Length: 8 Hr. Online Pre-requisites / 8 Hr. In-person class
  • Course Material: Included in Course Fee
  • Online Pre-Requisites: Included in Course Fee
  • Continuing Education: 16 Hours for MD, RN, LVN, APRN, PA, CNM, DO, Licensed Midwife  
  • Certification: 2 yr. ALSO certification from AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians)


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